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2014 Outfit Designs by Dolly Boutique ♥♥♥

Hola Dollys ♥

Siguiendo con los posts recopilatorios del año, os traemos este segundo post, en el que mostramos los outfits especiales que hemos diseñado para la venta este año ♥
Algunos aún siguen a la venta en nuestro etsy^^
¿Cuál es vuestro favorito?


Hi Dollys ♥

Continuing with 2014 remember posts, we want to show you the special outfits that we design to sell in our shop this year :)
some of them are still available at our etsy shop^^ (click shop)
¿Which is your favourite?

Enchanted Forest for Pullip :)

This outfit is so special for us. It was designed for Blythecon Barcelona sewing contest, and we won the 1st price with it^^ Now belongs to an awesome girl in France ♥

Steampunk Clock Outfit!
Available at our shop:

Steampunk Gear Outfit, designed and sold in PullipCon

Steampunk Dear Outfits, designed and sold in PullipCon


Sailor Steampunk Outfit, designed and sold in PullipCon

Blue x Black Outfit, Prize of giveaway from Doll World Facebook Group!

Romantic Deer Sets for Iplehouse JID and Minifee

Black x Red Lady


Steampunk Deer Outfit for Minifee

Deer Dolly Outfit for Minifee.

Dark Deer Dolly for Minifee.
Available at our etsy:

Gothic Girl Outfit for Minifee
Available at our etsy:

Night Lady Outfit
Available at our etsy:

Steampunk Witch for Minifee

Victorian Vampire for Minifee.

Hope you like them ♥♥♥

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